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Just For Dads is a program of the Healthy Fathering Collaborative, a network of public and private agencies dedicated to supporting fathers, families, and their children in Greater Cleveland, Ohio.


What Is A Healthy Father?

A healthy father*:

  • plans to have a baby at the best time for his family;
  • attends prenatal health care appointments;
  • participates in the birth of his child;
  • is present at the hospital discharge;  
  • arranges for his child's car seat; 
  • supports his child mother in breastfeeding;
  • changes diapers;
  • makes sure his child is put safely to sleep;
  • plays with his child; 
  • reads and interacts with his child;
  • nurtures and financially supports his child; 
  • eats well, exercises and teaches his child nutrition and healthy activities; 
  • talks to his child about healthy sexuality, appropriate touch and healthy relationships; 
  • promotes and role models nonviolence and respect for others; 
  • is actively involved in his child's education; 
  • knows his child's friends and activities; 
  • listens to his child; 
  • cooperatively parents with his child's mother and other caregivers;
  • nurtures his own emotional, mental and physical health, role modeling healthy behaviors
    for his child;
  • nurtures his own spiritual health and support his child's search for spiritual guidance and

* We embrace fathers and father figures of all types - biological, foster, adoptive and step fathers along with male relatives and adult male mentors.